A step closer to Conscious Living.


We all know that the air we breathe, the food we eat, personal care products we use are all filled with numerous chemicals & additives.Yet, we feel helpless with fewer alternatives. Our homes are filled with stuff that we know can create adverse long term effects not only on us but for our Mother Earth too. 


Skin is the largest organ of our body and its true that our skin absorbs around 80% to 90 % of what is put on it. An average individual, especially an urban women use nothing less than 7-8 personal care products daily. The skin has the ability to absorb and body tissue has the ability to store chemicals that eventually adds up. These products from Multi National Corporations has gained their top positions in our homes ,store shelves and foremost our minds through flashy advertisements ,endorsements, claims to get simply carried away. Try to read the ingredients list of any of them, a long list of chemical concoctions - Sulphates Parabens Triclosans Fillers Preservatives Alcohol Synthetic perfumes Animal fat. With an ever growing population, globalization, industrialisation, simply access to something natural is considered a luxury. Still give nature a chance. Can we not move towards more Natural alternatives?. By reducing the harmful ingredients we use, we are actually minimising the burden that our bodies have to eliminate these chemicals.


We, at RP HandMade are committed to making 100 % natural products ,trying to use Organic ,therapeutic grade ,Earth friendly ingredients where ever possible. Products that are made the traditional way, like our grandmas used to do at homes, with wholesome ingredients, mostly edible ones. Products where you do not need to do any guesswork looking at ingredients ,feel worried, no harmful residue left behind for Earth also to consume. All RP HandMade products are handmade ,untouched by machines, made in small batches, by local trained women who  share a passion for Nature & traditional skin care. Their expertise of  local herbs is of immense value to us. Each product there by supporting women, local communities and their lives.


To choose Nature is not a fashion or fab, its a way of life. Its a way to feel grounded, to reconnect to our basics and rejuvenate, renew ourselves.